The IAUB and the MAC signed an agreement that strengthens collaboration between the institutions that reaches back over 90 years.

09 July 2024

The Director of the IAUB, Dr. Miguel Ángel Cau Ontiveros, introduced today’s event by pointing out that: “The Institute draws on a very long tradition in the field of archaeological research at one of the strongest centres in Spain, with such important historical figures as Pere Bosch Gimpera, Lluís Pericot, Martín Almagro, Joan Maluquer, Miquel Tarradell or Pere de Palol, among others, some of whom also had responsibilities at what today is the Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia.”

He then reminded us: “The strategic objectives of our institute include consolidating and promoting collaborations with other institutes at the UB, from around the rest of Catalonia and Spain, and also at the international level. A specific goal is to make the city of Barcelona into a hub of archaeology and the agreement we are signing today is a key step in this direction.”

Finally, after thanking not only the MAC and the UB, but also the Legal Services and Cooperation offices of the UB and the Catalan Agency for Cultural Heritage, in addition to the teams at the UB Rectorate and the MAC, Dr Cau expressed his conviction and hope that “the era we are beginning today will be highly profitable … that it will be the start of many fruitful collaborations in research but also in museology and the management of archaeological heritage, and that it serves to make archaeology a priority locally, while remembering that we are part of a worldwide endeavour, and that internationalisation and the pursuit of excellence are also priorities.”

Institut d’Arqueologia

Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya

Universitat de Barcelona


Ivan Briz