Arnau Brosa i Planella

Predoctoral researcher (“La Caixa” Foundation)

ORCID: 0000-0002-4510-1783


Short biography

I am a predoctoral researcher and “La Caixa” Foundation fellow. I graduated in Archaeology at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2021) with a specialisation in Prehistoric Archaeology. During my undergraduate, I was part of the Laboratory of Archaeozoology at the university, first as a volunteer and later with a scholarship, where I was trained in the study of animals remains (i.e. domestic mammals) from archaeological sites.

Afterwards, I graduated with MSc in Archaeological Science at Universiteit Leiden (Netherlands, 2022). with a specialisation in archaeozoology. During my master, I was trained for studying all kinds of animal remains recovered from archaeological sites (e.g. fish, birds, molluscs, and small mammals).

I have participated in conferences (i.e. VI Reunió OIKOS de Bioarqueologia, VII Congreso Internacional sobre el Neolítico en la Península Ibérica). In addition, I have participated in several archaeological excavations at national and international sites.

Research interests

My interests focus on the relationship between humans and marine and freshwater ecosystems, through fish remains and the perspective of historical ecology. I have a particular interest in the evolution of fisheries and the exploitation of marine ecosystems through time and its ecological impact. Specifically, I am interested in the geographic area of the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, mainly during historical times, but also prehistorical.