Domenico Miriello

Associate professor Ph.D

Scopus: 26646794800

Short biography

Domenico Miriello is associate professor at the University of Calabria in the scientific disciplinary field named “GEO/09” (Mining resources and mineralogical-petrographic applications for the environment and cultural heritage)”; he qualified as a full professor level in 2018. He graduated in Geological Sciences in 2000. He received his PhD in 2005. He is the scientific director of the X-ray and Raman Spectroscopy laboratory at DiBEST (UNICAL). The results of his research (over 188 publications) have been published in national and international scientific journals with high impact factor, in books, encyclopedias and conference proceedings. He is associate editor for the journal “Studies in Conservation”, member of the editorial board of the journal “Minerals”, guest editor for the Special Issue of the journal “Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences”.

Research interests

The research carried out by Prof. Miriello concerns the mineralogical and petrographic study of natural and artificial stone materials of the cultural heritage, aimed at solving problems of an archeometric nature, with particular reference to mortars, ceramic materials and stones. He has contributed to the development of a large number of national and international research projects and collaborates with numerous researchers from various national and foreign universities in Turkey, Mexico, Spain, France, Cuba and the United States of America.

Selected publications

  • Dilaria S., Previato C., Bonetto J., Secco M., Zara A., De Luca R., Miriello D., (2023). Volcanic Pozzolan from the Phlegraean Fields in the Structural Mortars of the Roman Temple of Nora (Sardinia). Heritage 6, 567-586.
  • Dilaria S., Secco M., Rubinich M., Bonetto J., Miriello D., Barca D., Artioli G. (2022). High-performing mortar-based materials from the late imperial baths of Aquileia: An outstanding example of Roman building tradition in Northern Italy. Geoarchaeology 37, 637-657.
  • Miriello D., Pingarron L. B., Pingarron A. B., Barca D., Bloise A., Gonzalez Parra J. R., Crisci G. M., De Luca R., Girimonte G., Ruvalcaba-Sil J. L., Pecci A. (2021). Hydraulicity of lime plasters from Teotihuacan, Mexico: a microchemical and microphysical approach. Journal of Archaeological Science 133, 1-13.
  • Miriello D., Bloise A., Crisci G.M., De Luca R., De Nigris B., Martellone A., Massimo Osanna M., Pace R., Pecci A., Ruggieri N. (2018a). New compositional data on ancient mortars and plasters from Pompeii (Campania – Southern Italy): Archaeometric results and considerations about their time evolution. Materials Characterization 146, 189-203.
  • Miriello D. Barca D., Bloise A., Ciarallo A., Crisci G.M., De Rose F., Gattuso C., F. Gazineo F., La Russa M.F. (2010). Characterisation of archaeological mortars from Pompeii (Campania, Italy) and identification of construction phases by compositional data J. Archaeol. Sci. 37, 2207-2223.

Selected projects

  • 01/09/2021-31/08/2024. Participation in research activities for the project “Ánforas romanas y análisis de contenidos II. Producción y consumo de alimentos de la Baetica, la Laietania y el Oriente levantino (siglos I a.C. III d.C.)”. Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades, I+D+i, (PID2020-113409GB-I00). IPs: Alessandra Pecci; Paul Reynolds. Universitat De Barcelona.
  • 01/10/2017-2019. Scientific responsible for the Project POR CALABRIA ERDF-ESF 2014-2020. Action 1.2.2 – “Support to the realization of complex projects of research and development activities on a few important thematic areas and to the application of technological solutions functional to the realization of S3 strategies”. Project title: System for the identification of stone images (SILPI).
  • 01/09/2017-2019. Participation in the activities of the three-year research project MaTaCoS, Advanced Materials and Technologies Applied to The Conservation of Underwater Cultural Heritage (Call for proposals “HORIZON 2020” PON I&C 2014-2020). Unical – DiBEST Department.

  • 01/01/2015-2018. Participation in the research activities of the international project “Los aplanados de cal teotihuacanos. Arqueología y Arqueometría”, A. Pecci, L. Barba, A. Ortiz. Approved by el oficio 401.B84)19.2015/36/1520 of the Consejo de Arqueología, INAH, CONACULTA; Mexico. UNAM-UNICAL-UB.Early Christian Basilicas in Menorca
  • 01/04/2006-01/04/2007. Scientific responsible of the research project “The atlas of historical-archaeological mortars in Calabria, as a starting point for the creation of the first world atlas of historical mortars in thin section” Call for proposals D.R. No. 227/2006 of the University of Calabria. Research Project for Young Researchers (Earth Sciences Area). SILPI (Sistema Identificazione Lapidei Per Immagini). POR project aimed at the application of artificial intelligence for the recognition of ancient rocks.