PhD Student (FPI)

ORCID: 0009-0006-3162-5857


Short biography

My academic training has been at the University of Seville, where I studied:

– 2015-2019: Degree in History.

– 2019-2020: Master in Advanced Historical Studies. Ancient History Specialty.

– 2020-2021: Master in Archaeology.

To complement the academic training, I have participated in different archaeological excavation campaigns and, between August and November 2022, I co-directed the archaeological monitoring of the “Las Jaras” PFV, located between the municipalities of Badajoz and La Albuera.

Research interests

My main interests in the field of research are currently focused on the study of Roman amphorae dating from the 1st century B.C. and I AD originating from the Layetania region and the characterization of its contents. Along with this, there is the agricultural production of this sector in the late Republican and early Imperial times, traditionally considered a wine-growing area, as well as the commercial exports of this region with the western half of the Roman Empire during these same dates.

Selected projects

RACAMed II: Ánforas romanas y análisis de contenidos. El consumo de alimentos en la Baetica, Layetania y el Oriente Levantino (Siglos I a.C.-I d.C.).

Selected excavations

April-October [2021]: Emergency excavation at C/Italia 8 in Valencina de la Concepción (Seville) directed by Miguel Ángel de Dios.

July [2021]: Excavation of various rooms in the so-called Casa del Patio Rodio at the Roman site of Itálica (Santiponce, Seville), directed by Dr. Fernando Amores Carredano within the ItalicUS research project.

August-September [2021]: XX excavation campaign of the Paleolithic site of Pinilla del Valle (Madrid), organized by the Regional Archaeological Museum of Madrid and co-directed by doctors Juan Luis Arzuaga, Enrique Baquedano and Alfredo Pérez González.

November 2021 -March 2022: Excavation of the site located at C/Niño Perdido s/n in Utrera (Seville) directed by Miguel Ángel de Dios, confirming the presence of medieval remains corresponding to a Synagogue.