Luis Alfredo Hidalgo Trujillo

Predoc. Formación doctores (MINECO).

ORCID: 0009-0003-6997-5295


Short biography

I have a degree in archaeology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a master’s degree in Biological Anthropology from the University of Barcelona. I am currently doing my second year of the doctoral thesis at the latter University in the Faculty of Biology and which centres on dental and cranial morphological analysis in the Papionini tribe through tools such as microtexture or geometric morphometry, both of species fossil current. With this, it is intended to extrapolate and understand how human evolution occurred based on the fact that both groups (Papionini and Homo) faced the same climatic constraints about 2.5 million years ago. I have participated in excavations such as those of Atapuerca, the Abríc Romaní or the Minas de Gavá.

Research interests

  • Primatology;
  • Human Evolution;
  • Papioninis;
  • Evolutionary Models;
  • Archeology of Space;
  • Prehistoric Societies.

Selected publications

  • Martínez, L.M.; Estebaranz, F.; Romero, A.; Ibañez, J.J.; Hidalgo Trujillo, L.; Avia, Y.; Pérez Pérez, A. (2022). Effectiveness of buccal dental-microwear texture in African Cercopithecoidea dietary discrimination. American Journal of Biological Anthropology, 179 (4), pp 678-686.
  • Martínez, L.M.; Estebaranz, F.; Romero, A.; Hidalgo Trujillo, L.; Pérez Pérez, A. (2022). Does buccal microtexture pattern suggest a seasonal ecology for Paranthropus? 12TH ANNUAL MEETING OF THE EUROPEAN SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF HUMAN EVOLUTION At: Tübingen Volume: PaleoAnthropology 2022, 2: 534
  • Hidalgo Trujillo, L.; Estebaranz, F.; Romero, A.; Pérez Pérez, A.; Avia, Y.; Martínez, L.M. Inter-tooth and inter-maxila buccal microtexture variability in Papionini Primates (2022). Conference Awrana 2022. At: Barcelona.
  • Ibañez, J.J.; Hidalgo Trujillo, L.; Pérez Pérez, A.; Martínez, L.M.; Estebaranz, F.; Romero, A.; Dyowe Roig, A.E.; Avia, Y. (2021). Buccal dental microtexture analysis of extant primates and Pliocene Australopithecus from East Africa. Congress of the European Society of Human Evolution. At: Virtual.

Selected excavations

  • Atapuerca, Gran Dolina. Burgos (España)
  • Abric Romaní. Capelllades (Barcelona, España)
  • Minas de Gavá. Gavá (Barcelona, España)