María Gabriela Navs Perrone

Investigadora Postdoctoral


Short biography

Is an architect and holds a Master’s in City Governance and a PhD in Social Anthropology by University of Barcelona. At present, she is a post-doctoral researcher of the European project JPICH DeepCities/Curbatheri (Curating Sustainable URBAn Transformations through HERItage) at the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Barcelona. Since 2019 she is co-director of the postgraduate course “Anthropology and Architecture. The social life of the built environment” at the University of Barcelona. Is the president and founding partner of the association ANTIARQ, where has coordinated various training activities that explore the human dimension of cities.  She is a member of the Institut Català d’Antropologia (ICA), the Observatori d’Antropologia del Conflict Urbà (OACU), the Grup de Recerca sobre Control i Exclusió Social (GRECS) and the Grup d’Arqueologia Pública i Patrimoni of the Universitat de Barcelona.

Research interests

Her main line of research explores the social life of built environments, from which she has explored the political economy of architectural production, the social impacts of urban transformations, urbanism from a gender perspective, the appropriations of heritage and urban mobilities in post-pandemic cities.

Selected publications

  • Lundsteen, M., Navas, M.G. (2022). Espai i…Reflexions sobre el paper el de l`espai en els societats contemporènies. Barcelona: Bellaterra.
  • Navas, M.G., Torres, M. (2021). “Patrimonialización i apropiació dels carrers en el centre històric de Conca”, Revista Quid 16, N° Especial Xarxa CU, 166-189.
  • Navas, M.G. (2020). “Etnografia del projecte urbà. La producció de la Vila Olímpica de Barcelona”. Revesteixi Espacialitats,1(1), 19-41.
  • Navas, M.G. (2019). “Journey to the Icària neighbourhood. The heritage of a forgotten industrial past”. Revesteixi d’Etnologia de Catalunya, 43, 258-71.
  • Navas, M.G., Makhlouf, M. (Eds.). (2018). Apropiacions de la ciutat. Gènere i producció urbana: la reivindicació del dret a la ciutat com a pràctica espacial. I Edició. Barcelona: Edicions Pol·len.

Selected projects

  • 69462177-42. Workshops to map the lived dimension of Barcelona’s Superblocks. Barcelona City Council. January-December 2022. Principal Investigator.
    22S02251-001. Survey on gender and gentrification in Barcelona’s neighbourhoods. Barcelona City Council. January-December 2022. Principal Investigator.
  • 22S01280-001. Workshops and survey to learn about mobility tactics in Barcelona. January-December 2022. Barcelona City Council. Co-Principal Investigator.
  • 19003714. Study Gentrification in the city of Barcelona from a gender perspective: Approach to gender dynamics and proposal of indicators. Department of Gender Mainstreaming, Barcelona City Council. June-December 2019. Principal Investigator.

  • 2019/2647. Digital modelling of pedestrian flows in public space. The relationship between the built environment and urban sociability in the Historic Centre of Cuenca. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). January 2019-August 2020. Secretariat of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation of Ecuador. Co-Director.