Marta Sánchez de la Torre

Investigadora Postdoctoral Beatriu de Pinós


Short biography

Marta Sánchez de la Torre has a PhD in History from the Universitat de Barcelona (2015). She currently works at the UB as a Beatriu de Pinós postdoctoral researcher. She is a member of the SERP and the IAUB, where she acts as secretary and representative of the postdoctoral researchers on the Main Board. Her research focuses on the study of the prehistoric human mobility through the geochemical analysis of lithic materials. She has carried out pre and postdoctoral stays in different laboratories in France, Italy, Canada and Hungary. In the last years she has leaded and participated in several research projects in Spain, France and Portugal, funded with regional, state and European funds. Since 2013 she is directing archaeological seasons at prehistoric sites from NE Iberia, such as the Cova del Parco, the Xicotó Rockshelter and the open-air site of Montlleó, between others.

Selected publications

  • SÁNCHEZ DE LA TORRE, M., UTRILLA, P., MONTES, L., DOMINGO, R., LE BOURDONNEC, F.X. & GRATUZE, B., 2021, Characterising the lithic raw materials from Fuente del Trucho (Asque-Colungo, Huesca). New data about Palaeolithic human mobility in NE Iberia, Archaeometry, 63 (2), 247-265.

  • SÁNCHEZ DE LA TORRE, M., SACCHI, D., LE BOURDONNEC, F.X. & GRATUZE, B., 2020, Tracing Paleolithic human routes through the geochemical characterization of chert tools from Caune de Belvis (Aude, France), Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, 12, 135.

  • SÁNCHEZ DE LA TORRE, M., UTRILLA, P., DOMINGO, R., JIMÉNEZ, L., LE BOURDONNEC, F.X. & GRATUZE, B., 2020, Lithic raw material procurement at the Chaves cave (Huesca, Spain). A geochemical approach to defining Palaeolithic human mobility, Geoarchaeology: An International Journal, 35 (6), 856-870.

  • SÁNCHEZ DE LA TORRE, M., MANGADO, X., LANGLAIS, M., LE BOURDONNEC, F.X., GRATUZE, B. & FULLOLA, J.M., 2019, Crossing the Pyrenees during the Late Glacial Maximum. The use of geochemistry to trace human mobility, Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, 56, 101105.

  • SÁNCHEZ DE LA TORRE, M., DELAGE, C., GRATUZE, B., MANGADO, X., 2019, The lithic landscape around Kharaneh IV : petrographical and geochemical characterization of geological cherts, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 26C, 101857.