Natalia Égüez Gordon

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Global Postdoc Research Fellow

Orcid: 0000-0001-8853-8064


Short biography

With a BA in Geography and a MA in Archaeology from the University of Barcelona, Natalia holds a PhD in Natural Sciences from the University of Kiel (Germany). Currently, she is a postdoctoral Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global fellow at the Department of Anthropology at the University of California Davis (USA) and the Archaeological Micromorphology and Biomarkers Laboratory (AMBI Lab), University of La Laguna. Her main line of research is the study of adaptation strategies in animal-based subsistence communities during Prehistory. She uses a novel archaeological and biomolecular multi-proxy approach to study these strategies by integrating soil micromorphology, lipid analysis, and proteomics.

As a specialist geoarchaeologist, she has participated in several archaeological excavations; some examples are the prehistoric sites of Grotte Mandrin (France), Lagar Velho (Portugal), Cova del Parco (Spain), El Salt (Spain), Ureide (Israel), and fieldworks in Mongolia with four directed excavations.

Selected publications

2022 Égüez N., Mallol C., Makarewicz C.A. n-Alkanes and their carbon isotopes (δ13C) reveal seasonal foddering and long-term corralling of pastoralist livestock in eastern Mongolia. Journal of Archaeological Science 147, 105666

2020 Égüez, N., Dal Corso, M., Wieckowska-Lüth, M., Delpino, C., Tarantino, M., Biagetti, S. A pilot geo-ethnoarchaeological study of dung deposits from pastoral rock shelters in the Monti Sibillini (central Italy).  Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, 12, 114

2018 Égüez, N., Makarewicz, C.A., Carbon isotope ratios of plant n-alkanes and microstratigraphy analyses of dung accumulations in a pastoral nomadic winter campsite (Eastern Mongolia). Ethnoarchaeology. Journal of Archaeological, Ethnographic and Experimental Studies, 10(2):141-158

2018 Égüez, N., Zerboni, A., Biagetti, S., Microstratigraphic analysis on a modern central Saharan pastoral campsite. Ovicaprine pellets and stabling floors as ethnographic and archaeological referential data. Quaternary International 483: 180-193

2014 Égüez, N., Mallol, C., Martín-Socas, D. et al. Radiometric dates and micromorphological evidence for synchronous domestic activity and sheep penning in a Neolithic cave: Cueva de El Toro (Málaga, Antequera, Spain). Archaeol Anthropol Sci 8, 107–123 (2016)

Selected projects

Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions Horizon 2020 “IBERHUNT: Palaeolithic ungulate hunting strategies in the eastern Iberian Peninsula through advanced proteomic profiling”. Universidad de La Laguna and University of California Davis (Global H2020-MSCA-IF-2020, 01/2022-01/2025, 263,732.16€). Investigadora principal.

Arqueología del pastoralismo nómada en Mongolia Occidental, Universidad de La Laguna. Ayudas y subvenciones para financiar excavaciones arqueológicas en el exterior, Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte (since 16/02/2023, 17.448,75 €). Investigadora principal.

Impactos climáticos y crisis medioambientales durante el Antropoceno en la biodiversidad terrestre de Tenerife: predicciones y evidencia de paleoregistros. Universidad de La Laguna. Fundación CajaCanarias y Fundación “La Caixa”, Ayudas a proyectos de investigación 2022, Cambio Climático y Salud Humana (since 03/2023, 33.516 €). Co-directora.

Arqueología del pastoralismo nómada en Mongolia: las huellas invisibles de los espacios domésticos. Universidad de La Laguna. Fundación Palarq, Ayudas 2021-22 y 2020-2021. (12.000,00 €). Investigadora principal.

EC-216R-18 Investigating pastoral ethnoarchaeology in Western Mongolia: biomolecular signatures of habitation sites. The University of Kiel. National Geographic Society. (01/01/2018 – 31/12/2019, 3.400 €). Investigadora principal.