Oriol Andreu


Short biography

I am a graduate in Biology at University of Barcelona, a post graduate course in Palaeoecology at Institut Ciències de la Terra Jaume Almera (CSIC), a master’s degree in Island biodiversity and conservation at the University of La Laguna and my second master’s degree in teaching training in secondary education (specialty in technology).

I am currently working on my PhD focused on the study of the microscopic record (mainly siliceous microremains) at archaeological sites that requires the integration of different disciplines.

Research interests

My research interests include reconstruction of the paleoenvironmental context using botanical microremains (phytoliths), the understanding the human use of plants by studying fire and pyrotechnological processes (using Infrared spectrometry), and studying agriculture and domestication of cereals (using Flow Cytomery for genome size estimation related to phytolith production) to asses social and cultural changes in past populations.