Peyman Javadi Geomatics Engineer

Peyman Javadi

Geomatics Engineer / Technician – SERP

Short biography

BSc in Geomatics Engineering in 2012, MSc in Geomatics Engineering (Geodesy) that succeeded with the title of Privileged Master Student in 2015, and PhD student in Geomatics Engineering (Geodesy & Photogrammetry) at the UPV since 2019. Previously, he was the director of the surveying group and lecturer at the Islamic Azad University in Iran. He has participated as a surveyor and supervisor in several large-scale construction projects and has worked as a surveying engineer in Ardabil Municipality in Iran. Most of his studies and activities are in the field of surveying and monitoring for displacements and deformations. Mr Javadi focuses on panoramic photogrammetry to be used to monitor displacement within geodetic networks. He has also attended historical documentary projects and also now doing close-range photogrammetry for 3D modeling. 

Research interests

  • Displacement and Deformation Monitoring.
  • GNSS Processing to Achieve Higher Precision.
  • Combine Satellite Observations and InSAR to Detect Deformation.
  • Panorama Photogrammetry.
  • Close-Range Photogrammetry.
  • 3D Modeling.
  • Historical Documentation.
  • Rock Art 3D Modeling.

Selected publications

Ines Domingo, Peyman Javadi, Didac Roman. 2024. “Digital enhancement and photogrammetric recording of La Joquera Levantine rock art (Borriol, Castelló)”. Virtual Archaeology Review, 15(30), 110–122.

Peyman Javadi, José Luis Lerma, Luis García-Asenjo. 2023. “First Experiment of Long-Range Panoramic Images on a High-Precision Geodetic Reference Frame”.  5th Joint International Symposium on Deformation Monitoring (JISDM 2022). Valencia, Spain.

Peyman Javadi, José Luis Lerma, Luis García-Asenjo, Pascual Garrigues. 2021. “Quality Assessment of Spherical Panoramic Images”. 3rd Congress in Geomatics Engineering (CiGEO 2021). Valencia, Spain.

Peyman Javadi, Zahra Qorbani. 2020. “Combining GPS and InSAR Data to Improve the Accuracy of Dams Displacement Monitoring”. Journal of New Approaches in Civil Engineering. 4(3), 42-57.

Peyman Javadi. 2017. “Detecting the Unstable Points in Deformation Monitoring Geodetic Networks in Analysis Method of Subnetwork”. Modern Applied Science. 11(3), 61-75.

Morteza Hamidi, Peyman Javadi. 2017. “The Analysis of Scientific and Commercial Softwares Accuracy in GPS Observation Processing”. Open Journal of Geology. 7, 267-278.